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This target feed adds support for the Zipit Z2 (pxa) platform to openwrt. It has been tested with openwrt trunk as of commit 1e22c9b9eb691878156dfe32fb1e117737f1d248 (Wed Apr 27 2016)

Pre-Built Package Repository

Pre-compiled rootfs and packages are available. See the Wiki for more information about installation and general usage.


See the OpenWrt Wiki page for host system prerequisites


Download openwrt trunk with git and checkout commit 1e22c9b9eb691878156dfe32fb1e117737f1d248:

 git clone openwrt-zipit
 cd openwrt-zipit
 git checkout 1e22c9b9eb691878156dfe32fb1e117737f1d248

Add the pxa target feed to feeds.conf:

 echo "src-git pxa_target" > feeds.conf

Update and install the target feed:

 scripts/feeds update && scripts/feeds install -p pxa_target pxa

Copy the feeds.conf and default config files:

 cp feeds/pxa_target/feeds.conf ./feeds.conf
 cp feeds/pxa_target/zipit_openwrt_defconfig ./.config

Update the feeds again:

 scripts/feeds update && scripts/feeds install -a

Apply patches to openwrt and openwrt-packages:

 for f in feeds/pxa_target/patches/openwrt/*; do patch -p1 < "${f}"; done
 for f in feeds/pxa_target/patches/openwrt-packages/*; do patch -d feeds/packages -p1 < "${f}"; done

Update zipit_openwrt_defconfig:

 make defconfig

Run make to do the default build or run make menuconfig to add/remove packages.

Zipit Z2 Linux Kernel 4.4 Internal 8Mb FlashPartition Layout

Mtdblock Name Size(bytes) Start[hex] Size[hex]
0 u-boot 262144 0x00000 0x40000
1 u-boot-env 65536 0x40000 0x10000
2 kernel ? 0x50000 ?
3 squashfs ? ? ?
4 jffs2 ? ? ?
5 firmware 8060928 0x50000 0x7B0000

Flash partition sizes are automatically calculated at image creation time and follow the above layout. A successful build will output a "firmware" image file in the bin/pxa dir which contains the kernel, squashfs and jffs which can be written to to mtdblock5 (firmware). If you modify (add) packages (via menuconfig) and the image file is larger than 8060928 bytes, the openwrt build will exit with an error stating such. Reduce your installed packages and try again.


Zipit Z2 (PXA) target for openwrt



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