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openwrt-zipit Wiki Contents


The bleeding edge openwrt-zipit distribution is based on openwrt trunk as of April, 27 2016. Openwrt trunk is also known as "bleeding edge" which is why this Zipit build has the same name. It has been modified to remove much of the default openwrt configuration and use a more bare bones busybox configuration. In addition, we have our own zipit-packages repository for games and other goodies not found in the regular openwrt distro. If you would like to try building your own rootfs or extra packages, instructions for building are available in the openwrt-pxa-target repo. The binary package repository is hosted here at

If you have questions not covered here there are some users on in channel #zipit that may be able to help. Use your favorite irc client or the webchat interface to join. Ask your question and stay in the channel; it may take some time to get a reply.

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