OpenWRT with basic support added for ZipIt Z2 handhelds
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Note: this is the older OpenWrt Zipit (started in 2012)

(This is the ZipIt Z2-specific, see also the file 'README' for the OpenWRT original README.)

This is a fork of OpenWRT to add support for ZipIt Z2 ARM devices.

Current status is rough but usable. Check Issues here on github for known limitations, and please report an Issue if you find one.


Configuring & Building

  • make menuconfig to configure your system. Choose

    • Target System -> "Marvell/Intel PXA2xx"
    • Subtarget -> "ZipIt Z2"

    • Plus any other packages you'd like in your image (or you can install them later).

  • make to compile (ideally make -j, of course.)


  • Format your SD card with the ext2 filesystem

  • Unpack the rootfs:

    • cd /path-to-SD
    • sudo tar zxvf /path-to-openwrt/bin/pxa/openwrt-pxa-zipitz2-rootfs.tar.gz
  • Copy the kernel image

    • sudo cp /path-to-openwrt/bin/pxa/openwrt-pxa-zipitz2-uImage boot/uImage
  • Preconfigure the wifi (recommended, easier than doing it onboard), by editing /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wireless

  • Sync, unmount & insert the SD into the ZipIt, ready to boot into OpenWRT!

  • Remember, on a new OpenWRT system telnet access will be open until you've set a root password, then ssh access.