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Reference: Templates

LuCI has a simple regex based template processor which parses HTML-files to Lua functions and allows to store precompiled template files. The simplest form of a template is just an ordinary HTML-file. It will be printed out to the user as is.

In LuCI every template is an object with an own scope. It can therefore be instanciated and each instance can has a different scope. As every template processor. LuCI supports several special markups. Those are enclosed in -Tags.

By adding a - right after the opening every whitespace before the markup will be stripped. Adding a - right before the closing %> will equivalently strip every whitespace behind the markup.

Builtin functions and markups

Including Lua code


<% code %>

Writing variables and function values


<% write (value) %>



Including templates


<% include (templatename) %>





<%= translate("Text to translate") %>


<%:Text to translate%>



<%# comment %>

Builtin constants

Name Value
REQUEST_URI The current URL (without server part)
controller Path to the Luci main dispatcher
resource Path to the resource directory
media Path to the active theme directory
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