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OpenBenchmark - continuous delivery benchmarking for 6TiSCH
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This repository contains the code of the 6TiSCH benchmarking platform that automates the experimentation on different testbeds.

Supported testbeds:

IoTLAB - Saclay

Supported 6TiSCH firmware:




  1. Vagrant
  2. An IoT-LAB account

Getting started

  1. Start up Vagrant VM:
vagrant up
  1. SSH into the server and run script:
vagrant ssh
  1. Upon the completion of the process, you will be given a public SSH key which is to be copied and pasted in your IoT-LAB account configuration

  2. Write your IoT-LAB username into the experiment config file (../iotlab-exp-auto/conf.txt)

  1. Open a web browser and go to


  1. Run continuous rsync process on the host machine:
vagrant rsync-auto
  1. Run Laravel Mix on the guest machine:
vagrant ssh
cd openbenchmark
npm run watch
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