Fork of NXP's USB library for all LPC microcontrollers, with bug fixes
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nxpUSBlib Library for NXP LPC Microcontrollers with USB

NXP has been kind enough to provide a pretty good USB library for use with their microcontrollers. There are a few showstopper bugs in the current version that don't seem to be getting fixed, so I've forked the project here so we can maintain a community version that includes the fixes.

The original library is from


This code is originally created and licensed by NXP - see the License.txt file in this repository.

The additions and modifications in this library are released under the same license, but are not contributed by anyone officially with NXP.


  • Fixed USB enumeration when using compiler optimization (added volatile keywords to some global variables)
    • Fixed in nxpUSBlib v0.98
  • Add missing macro definition required to compile with GNU GCC for ARM Embedded (DATA(x))