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Same features as 7.0.0 release.

  • New Feature: Now supports sending control commands on-demand
  • Improvement: Added new command types to CommandType enum
  • New Feature: Enabler app to include integration
  • New Feature: Now can connect to BLE VIs
  • New Feature: Bluetooth Prompt in case bluetooth is switched off and runtime location permission.
  • Building with Android API level 27 (8.1)
  • Updated dependencies for library and enabler.
  • Improvement: App will now pull and display the VI platform.
  • Fix: Evented messages will now show on the dashboard in enabler.
  • Fix: mKey is stripped from the message before it is written to the tracefile (#253).
  • Fix: Allow 2-byte PIDs in diagnostic request screen.
  • New Feature: Now supports BugLabs formats
  • New Feature: Now can include phone sensor data into OpenXC stream.