OpenXC iOS framework for use with the C5 BLE device. Also see the openxc-ios-app-demo.
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Steps to add OpenXC iOS Compiled Binaries to your XCode
Steps to add OpenXC iOS project source
Using GitHub Labels in OpenXC iOS.docx
iOS Framework API Guide.docx
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This framework is part of the OpenXC project. This iOS framework contains the tools required to read vehicle data from the vehicle's CAN bus through the OpenXC vehicle interface in any iOS application.

OpenXC iOS framework for use with the C5 BLE device. See also the openxc-ios-app-demo


  • V3.0.0

Supported versions:

  • iOS - upto 11.2.5
  • XCode - upto 9
  • Swift - Swift3

Note: TravisCI build run will work only till XCode8.1-iOS10.1 ( but the framework supports XCode 9 and iOS 11

Using the Framework

The framework can be picked directly from the releases

  • Simulator build -,
  • Device build -,

Building from XCode

Make sure you have XCode9 installed with iOS11 to build it from XCode. This framework must be included in any iOS application that needs to connect to a VI

Refer to this document for more details on installation and usage.

API usage details are available here.

Also see [Step by Step Guide] ( to build framework.


  • to be added

Building from Command Line

The project requires XCode, XCode command line tools installed.

To install XCode command line tools, follow these steps for XCode:

  • Launch XCode
  • Go to Preferences - Locations - Command Line Tools - Install
  • Open "Terminal" and change directory to framework
  • Run - xcodebuild clean build test -project openxc-ios-framework.xcodeproj -scheme openxc-ios-framework

Releasing the App and Library

  • Update CHANGELOG.mkd
  • Merge into master push to GitHub
  • Travis CI will take care of the rest.


Please see our [Contribution Documents] (


Copyright (c) 2016 Ford Motor Company Licensed under the BSD license.