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@peplin peplin released this Nov 15, 2014 · 37 commits to master since this release

  • BREAKING: Removed factor and offset from diagnostic requests to minimize the number of
    fields, and since this is such an uncommon use case and one that can be
    handled by the client receiving the data. We may add them back in the future.
  • BREAKING: Require an 'action' to diagnostic request commands, e.g. cancel or add.
  • BREAKING: Rename "raw" messages to the more precise "CAN messages".
  • BREAKING: Rename "translated" messages to "simple messages".
  • BREAKING: Remove redundant type field from simple messages (formerly
    translated messages). The type can be inferred implicitly through the types of
    the value and event fields.
  • Feature: Add a command for controlling CAN message passthrough.
  • Feature: Add a command for controlling CAN controller acceptance filter bypass.
  • Feature: Add a command to change the payload format.
  • Feature: Add a command to control whether pre-defined, recurring OBD-II
    requests are enabled.
  • Improvement: Add extras field to JSON messages.
  • Improvement: Add an optional 'status' field to all command responses.
  • Improvement: Build protobuf generated files with nanopb v0.3.1.
  • Improvement: Allow explicitly setting CAN message frame format (i.e. standard
    or extended frame).
  • Fix: Expand range of mode field to a full byte (#10)
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