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How to contribute

Contributions are welcome - we want to keep it as easy as possible to contribute changes that get things working in your environment. There are a few guidelines that we need contributors to follow so that we can have a chance of keeping on top of things.

Reporting an Issue

  • Make sure you have a GitHub account
  • Check if a ticket already exists for your issue on GitHub.
  • If one does not already exist, create a new ticket
    • Clearly describe the issue including steps to reproduce when it is a bug.
    • Make sure you include in the earliest version that you know has the issue.

Making Changes

  • If you haven't already, create a new issue on GitHub for your bug fix or new feature.
  • Fork the repository on GitHub
  • Create a topic branch from where you want to base your work.
    • This is usually the master branch.
    • Only target release branches if you are certain your fix must be on that branch.
    • To quickly create a topic branch based on master: git checkout -b fix/master/my_contribution master
    • Please avoid working directly on the master branch.
  • Make commits of logical units.
  • Check for unnecessary whitespace with git diff --check before committing.
  • Make sure your commit messages are in the proper format.
  • Make sure you have added the necessary tests for your changes
  • Run the full test suite to assure nothing else was accidentally broken.

Submitting Changes

  • Push your changes to a topic branch in your fork of the repository.
  • Sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA)
  • Submit a pull request to the repository in the openxc organization.

Additional Resources