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Support OpenXC message format commands from v0.4.0 and VI v7.0.0.
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@peplin peplin released this
· 253 commits to master since this release
  • Feature: Support scanning for Bluetooth devices when using Linux
  • Feature: Support connecting to Bluetooth VIs directly from the library in
    Linux using BlueZ.
  • Feature: Support adding and cancelling diagnostic requests.
  • Feature: Read 'status' field in command responses.
  • Feature: Allow explicitly setting the payload format when sending and
    receiving commands with a VI.
  • Feature: Support command to control status of CAN acceptance filter bypass.
  • Feature: Support controlling passthrough status of CAN buses in VI.
  • Feature: Support 'loopback' attribute of CAN buses in firmware config.
  • Feature: Support setting desired decoding type for diagnostic requests.
  • Feature: Support command to change payload format of VI.
  • Improvement: Better balance between big efficient reads and quick signal
    responses when receiving via USB.
  • Improvement: Remove now unnecessary sleep from command line tools.
  • Improvement: Complete full support for protobuf message deserialization.
  • Improvement: Improve unit test coverage from 27% to 58%.
  • Fix: Use correct abbreviation for kilometer unit.
  • Fix: Remove deprecated signal attribute from example code.
  • Fix: Spool up message receivers before sending requests to make sure not to
    miss responses.