Vehicle interface physical fit compatibility

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Ford Reference VI


  • Ford Mustang 2009-2013
  • Ford Focus (European Version) 2005-2010

Fits but awkward placement

These models can fit the VI, but the placement may get in the way of the driver.

  • Ford Falcon - Juts out towards the driver's right leg.
  • Ford Focus SE 2014 - Juts out towards the driver's left leg. Use care when exiting the vehicle.

Doesn't Fit

These models need an extension cable to connect to the vehicle.

  • Fusion Titanium, hits the edge of a knee airbag but can be filed down (!topic/openxc/VOQKDwOP9qE)
  • Ford Kuga 2013
  • Ford Focus 2009 - VI doesn't fit through door opening
  • Ford Classic Fiesta - no clearance space between OBD port and OBD port top frame-need an extension cable
  • Ford Figo - Same as Classic Fiesta issue - need an extension cable
  • Volkswagen MKV Jetta - OBD Port is recessed, need an extension cable

CrossChasm C5 VI


  • Ford Taurus 2014
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