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C5 fixes, Environment update, PLATFORM command, Emulator updates

@emarsman emarsman released this
· 266 commits to master since this release
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  • BREAKING: Removed fine_odometer_since_restart from emulator.
  • Feature: Added sending evented messages from emulator. Evented messages will come at a slower rate then other messages to simulate real world frequency
  • Fix: When building emualtor, obd2, or translated_obd2 firmware, those designations will now be indicated in the version number instead of the type number in signals.cpp.
  • Feature: Add support for multi-frame diagnostic responses (currently just for receiving, not sending)
  • Feature: VIs running emulator firmware will now respond to basic diagnostic requests from enabler and the command line. The response will mimic the request's bus, message ID, mode, and PID (if sent). The response will also include a randomly generated value between 0 and 100. Recurring diagnostic messages when running emulator firmware are currently not supported.
  • Update: Moved Vagrant VM to xenial64. Several updated packages.
  • Fix: Fixed a few bugs with C5 support from initial release:
    • BLE Broadcast name and MAC
    • CAN2 access
    • UART debug access
    • Updated flash instructions
  • Feature: Add PLATFORM command