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Keeps a sample configuration for OpenXPKI. You can clone from this repo to manage your own configuration while keeping track of the upstream changes.
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OpenXPKI basic system configuration

This directory contains a minimum and complete configuration set to run a OpenXPKI instance using the WebUI. All contents need to be copied to /etc/openxpki/.

Log configuration (log.conf)

OpenXPKI uses Log4perl for its logging system. The location of the configuration file is set in the systems configuration, where the default is /etc/openxpki/log.conf. The file is ready for use, just copy it.

Global system configuration (config.d/system)

Global system configuration, such as path to binaries and database. Should do as is on most systems, minimal action: configure your database.

realm configuration (config.d/realm/)

A single OpenXPKI instance can be used to run more than one logical certification authority - we call this a "realm". A fully working config can be found in realm.tpl, to setup a working CA either make a copy of this directory or just create a symlink to it from inside the realm directory and put the name of the realm in the file system/realms.yaml.

A demo realm named "democa" is part of the repository. It is recommended to not use this for a production system.

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