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antoche commented Jun 16, 2012


As mentioned earlier I wrote an openvibe driver using the emokit library. The code is there:
I've sent it to the openvibe developers (, hopefully it will be incorporated into their repo.

To get it to work, I had to add the emokit_get_next_frame declaration in emokit.h. I don't know why it wasn't there, I suppose it's an error. It's funny that the examples compiled without it (I suppose the compiler options must be quite lax). I also had to set type=1 in emokit_get_crypto_key to get the correct data.

There was a couple other things not quite right either in the API (e.g., according to the docstring, emokit_read_data returns 0 on success, but in reality it returns the number of bytes read off the device), but since the API is going to change anyway it's not really worth going over it.



qdot commented Jun 16, 2012

Yeah, I discovered the emokit_get_next_frame thing over in the hidapi branch. Gotta love lax symbol checking! :D

The type=1 thing will also get fixed in on hidapi, as it has a nice cross platform way of pulling feature reports. The read too. Honestly, the C library as it is was a quick "throw it together for proof of concept" thing. Hopefully once HIDAPI hits master that'll be fixed. I'd like to say that'll happen this weekend, but these days I never know.


qdot commented Jun 16, 2012

Oh and thanks for finishing the OpenVibe portion! Will try to announce that ASAP on OpenYou.

hi there,

and thx for the work! Just received my epoc headset, but Im quite unlucky so far:

  • udev not working with emokit rules (no /dev/eeg under ubuntu 10.04)
  • tried your version of openvibe, but the epoc driver is still not in my list of drivers.. is there any particular option to give at build/install ?

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Can't manage to build the emokit driver #1

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