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Write some build documentation #51

qdot opened this Issue Dec 19, 2012 · 4 comments

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qdot commented Dec 19, 2012

Unless you know what you're doing with cmake, building might look a little weird. Add documentation to readme to fix that.


Agreed. I've been trying to build for the past two days and haven't gone very far because there isn't a clear installation manual (and because my Linux skills aren't really good). If anyone could help, or write create a quick howto, i'd be much obliged.


Digma commented Jan 17, 2013

For Ubuntu, maybe this will help :

OpenYou member
qdot commented Jan 17, 2013

Feel free to file a pull request and I'll bring that file over.


for some reason I had to do

export CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH=./include

before cmake and make would work. Also had to remove the cmake cache to get the environment variable to take.

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