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Otvoreni proračun

The Croatian Open Spending project

This repository will contain the source code of Otvoreni proračun, a front-end to OpenSpending with a focus on budgets from different levels of the Croatian government.

Check out also project page.

Building the site

Otvoreni proračun is a simple Flask application that will be frozen to static HTML documents. The rendered (and statically saved) site can be downloaded to Amazon S3 and served from there. The following dependencies are required to build the site:

  • Python 2.x, virtualenv
  • node.js with npm, and global installs of: uglify-js, less, bower

When you have Otvoreni proračun checked out, follow these steps:

bower install
virtualenv pyenv
source pyenv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python develop

You can then run the site like a normal Flask application:

python otvoreniproracun/ runserver

Having verified that the application work, you can build a frozen version of all the contents in this database by running:

python otvoreniproracun/ freeze

This will make a plain HTML version of the visualizations, ready to be deployed to S3 or another file hosting platform.

Source code is OffenerHaushalt 2.0


Visualize budgets from various levels of the Croatian government; using the OpenSpending API




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