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WikiFundi is a solution which provide a pre-configured Mediawiki in a similar way like Wikipedia. Probably the easiest way to train users if you do not have access to Internet!

Install empty MediaWiki

Run for english version :

docker run -p 80:80 -v ${PWD}/data-init:/var/www/data -it openzim/wikifundi-en

For french version :

docker run -p 80:80 -v ${PWD}/data-init:/var/www/data -it openzim/wikifundi-fr

Go to http://localhost/

Default admin logging :

  • User : admin
  • Password : adminadmin

Mirroring with WikiFundi

You can lauch mirroring by changing environments variables MIRRORING :

docker run -p 80:80 -e MIRRORING=1 -v ${PWD}/data:/var/www/data -it openzim/wikifundi-en

You can also change options script with MIRRORING_OPTIONS :

  • -f, --force : always copy the content (even if page exist on site dest) (default : false)
  • -t, --no-sync-templates : do not copy templates used by the pages to sync. (default : false)
  • -u, --no-upload-files : do not copy files (images, css, js, sounds, ...) used by the pages to sync (default : false)
  • -p, --no-sync : do not copy pages (default : false)
  • -m, --no-modify : do not modify pages (default : false)
  • -r, --resume : try to resume previous sync (default : false). Associate with -d0 to not re-process dependency search.
  • -d, --dependance-nb-parse : number of dependance parsing (default : 2)
  • -x, --expand-text : copy the generated content of a page (default : false)
  • -e, --export-dir <directory> : write resume files in this directory (default : current directory)
  • -w, --thumbwidth :try to download thumbnail image with this width instead original image (default : 1024)
  • -s, --maxsize : do not files download greater to this limit (default : 200MB)
  • -a, --async : execute mirroring in async mode (5 threads / cpu). No works with SQLITE database. (default : false)

Examples :

  • MIRRORING_OPTIONS='-m 5MB -w 2000' : sync page, templates, files and modify pages. Do not copy file > 5MB and Copy images (jpeg and png) in 2000px (if available).
  • MIRRORING_OPTIONS='-d0' : sync and modify pages. Do not process dependances (templates and files).
  • MIRRORING_OPTIONS='-utd0' : just copy and modify pages.
  • MIRRORING_OPTIONS='-rputd0' : just modify previously copied pages.
  • MIRRORING_OPTIONS='-putmd0' : do anything.
  • MIRRORING_OPTIONS='-af' : copy all pages and their dependencies in async mode.

After mirroring, you can generate tarball by going http://localhost/export_data.php. A README file is in this tarball to explain an installation without Docker.

Other options

  • CLEAN=1 : delete old revisions and archived files.
  • DEBUG=1 : show debug informations in pages
  • GO_BASH=1 : lauch bash instead services

Build your Docker image

The WikiFundi image extends the openzim/mediawiki Docker image to allow mirroring a existing wiki (by example Wikipedia) and use this wiki offline.

The config files are located in config directory.

This directory contain the configuration of :

  • mirroring/mirroring.json : Pages to copy from an other wiki and modifications after copy. Read help part of to get file structure.
  • mirroring/deleteBatch.txt : List of pages to delete. You can also use mirroring.json to mark pages to delete, but human interevention is needed to really delete pages.
  • mediawiki/LocalSettings.custom.php : You can customise the Mediawiki by editing your this file. If you want to know more, have a look to documentation
  • parsoid/config.yaml : Parsoid config file (allow to use VisualEdit)
  • pywikibot/ : Configure pywikibot library to use MediaWiki API (needed for mirroring)

You can also customize your logo in assets/images as customize the assets/docs/README embeded with data

To build and run :

docker build -t wikifundi_en wikifundi_en 
docker run -p 80:80 -v ${PWD}/data:/var/www/data -it wikifundi_en

As french version, yon can extend openzim/wikifundi-en to create an image for other Wikipedia language or other wiki.

Managing Wikifundi with Sloppy hosting

You can use ./ to install Sloppy CLI. We must define SLOPPY_TOKEN environnement variable with your token. Then, we can us to manage Wikifundi :

  • ./ restart <LANG> : restart instance. If not LANG is defined, restart all instance.
  • ./ full_mirroring : delete all Wikifundi instances (!!) and lauch mirroring
  • ./ partial_mirroring : lauch a mirroring which force copy pages exclusively (no copy files and templates)
  • ./ delete_all : delete all instance
  • ./ wait_running : wait until all instances are ready
  • ./ cron : start full mirroring on sunday and partial mirroring the other day


Florent Kaisser