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WikiFundi 2.0

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WikiFundi 2.0 is the officially supported version of WikiFundi 1.0 pilot.

Functional requirements

  • WikiFundi should support features of WikiFundi 1.0
  • WikiFundi should work properly AFAP everywhere, at least with Windows, Linux and MacOS (Web browsers)
  • On captive portal technologies (in particular on MacOS) should not impair user experience.
  • All contents (audio/video/sounds) should be available and readable (in particular on MacOS).
  • Other feature requests and existing bugs should be fixed. See

Non functional requirements

  • All the documentation and code should be in the WikFundi git repo
  • Developement should be transparent and all improvments should be immediatly visible in the script
  • Everything should be published using GPLv3 or GFDL (for the documentation).
  • Create a Docker "all-in-one" allowing to setup quickly a Mediawiki instances. All important configuration things should be configurable in the container (not in the image). All important user-driven data should be easy to backup (through persistent volumes).
  • WPEN/WPFR (empty) mirror setup procedures should be documented, or even better scripted (with the help of a Docker hosting platform), using of course precedent docker image/containers.
  • Creation/Filling of WikiFundi WPFR/WPEN mirror should be done using Pywikibot Python solution. Content to mirrors and further adaptation should be normalized using a configuration files, so we should have one for WPEN and one for WPFR. The whole procedure should be fully automated/robust and documented (if still necessary).
  • Online instances of Wikifundi FR/EN should be available online for verification by the Wikifundi users/PM.
  • Validated Wikifundi versions should be exportable as Docker image, so we can publish them. Such Docker images are important for people wanting easily to setup a Wikifundi instance on a system able to run Docker. Export should also take the form of exported tarballs like made for WikiFundi 1.0
  • All precedent points should be easily manageable through a Continuous Integration solution.


  • Rasperry-PI solution with be new kiwix-plug platform based on Ideascube
  • Configuration of the multiple kiwix-plug images will be done using Pibox-installer
  • Building image and preparing the images will be done using Pibox-installer and cardshop (if ready)
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