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Brave Kafka Streams instrumentation [EXPERIMENTAL]

Add decorators for Kafka Streams to enable tracing.

  • TracingKafkaClientSupplier a client supplier which traces poll and send operations.
  • TracingProcessorSupplier completes a span on process
  • TracingTransformerSupplier completes a span on transform


First, setup the generic Kafka Streams component like this:

kafkaStreamsTracing = KafkaStreamsTracing.create(tracing);

To trace a processor in your application use TracingProcessorSupplier, provided by instrumentation API:

To trace a transformer, use TracingTransformerSupplier, TracingValueTransformerSupplier, or TracingValueTransformerWithValueSupplier provided by instrumentation API:

Additional transformer has been introduced to cover most common Kafka Streams DSL operations (e.g. map, mapValues, foreach, peek, filter).
       .transform("map", mapper))

For more details, see here.

To create a Kafka Streams with Tracing Client Supplier enabled pass your topology and configuration like this:

KafkaStreams kafkaStreams = kafkaStreamsTracing.kafkaStreams(topology, streamsConfig);

What's happening?

Typically, there are at least two spans involved in traces produces by a Kafka Stream application:

  • One created by the Consumers that starts a Stream or Table, by
  • One created by the Producer that sends a records to a Stream, by

By receiving records in a Kafka Streams application with Tracing enabled, the span created once a record is received will inject the span context on the headers of the Record, and it will get propagated downstream on the Stream topology. As span context is stored in the Record Headers, the Producers at the middle (e.g. builder.through(topic)) or at the end of a Stream topology will reference the initial span, and mark the end of a Stream Process.

If intermediate steps on the Stream topology require tracing, then TracingProcessorSupplier and TracingTransformerSupplier will allow you to define a Processor/Transformer where execution is recorded as Span, referencing the parent context stored on Headers, if available.


Be aware that operations that require builder.transformer(...) will cause re-partitioning when grouping or joining downstream (Kafka docs).


  • This tracer is only compatible with Kafka Streams versions including headers support ( > 2.0.0).
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