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Most instrumentation are based on RPC communication. For this reason, we have specialized handlers for RPC clients and servers. All of these are configured with RpcTracing.

The RpcTracing class holds a reference to a tracing component and sampling policy.

Sampling Policy

The default sampling policy is to use the default (trace ID) sampler for server and client requests.

For example, if there's a incoming request that has no trace IDs in its headers, the sampler indicated by Tracing.Builder.sampler decides whether or not to start a new trace. Once a trace is in progress, it is used for any outgoing rpc client requests.

On the other hand, you may have rpc client requests that didn't originate from a server. For example, you may be bootstrapping your application, and that makes an RPC call to a system service. The default policy will start a trace for any RPC call, even ones that didn't come from a server request.

This allows you to declare rules based on RPC patterns. These decide which sample rate to apply.

You can change the sampling policy by specifying it in the RpcTracing component. The default implementation is RpcRuleSampler, which allows you to declare rules based on rpc patterns.

Ex. Here's a sampler that traces 100 "Report" requests per second. This doesn't start new traces for requests to the scribe service. Other requests will use a global rate provided by the tracing component.

import static brave.rpc.RpcRequestMatchers.*;

  .putRule(serviceEquals("scribe"), Sampler.NEVER_SAMPLE)
  .putRule(methodEquals("Report"), RateLimitingSampler.create(100))

Developing new instrumentation

Check for instrumentation written here and Zipkin's list before rolling your own Rpc instrumentation! Besides documentation here, you should look at the core library documentation as it covers topics including propagation. You may find our feature tests helpful, too.

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