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Zipkin API

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Zipkin API includes service and model definitions used for Zipkin-compatible services.

This repository includes OpenAPI Spec as well Protocol Buffers and Thrift interchange formats. As these IDL files are languagage agnostic, there are no compilation instructions needed or included.

Language independent interchange format for Zipkin transports

  • Protocol Buffers v3 - Requires Zipkin 2.8+ or similar to parse it.
  • Thrift - Deprecated as new clients should not generate this format

OpenApi (Http endpoint of the zipkin server)

Take a look at the example repository for how to use this.


The proto artifact published is zipkin-proto3 under the group ID io.zipkin.proto3

Library Releases

Releases are at Sonatype and Maven Central

Library Snapshots

Snapshots are uploaded to Sonatype after commits to master.