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This is a Spring Boot AutoConfiguration module that can be added to a Zipkin Server deployment to store spans in Amazon Elasticsearch Service.

Quick start

JRE 8 is required to run Zipkin server.

Before you start, make sure your cli credentials are setup as zipkin will read them:

$ aws es describe-elasticsearch-domain --domain-name mydomain|jq .DomainStatus.Endpoint

Fetch the latest released executable jar for Zipkin server and autoconfigure module jar for the Elasticsearch AWS storage. Run Zipkin with elasticsearch storage enabled and your AWS URL

For example:

$ curl -sSL | bash -s
$ curl -sSL | bash -s elasticsearch-aws.jar
$ STORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch ES_HOSTS= \
    java \
    -Dloader.path='elasticsearch-aws.jar,elasticsearch-aws.jar!/lib' \ \
    -cp zipkin.jar \

Alternatively, you can have zipkin implicitly lookup your domain's URL:

$ STORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch ES_AWS_DOMAIN=mydomain ES_AWS_REGION=ap-southeast-1 \
    java \
    -Dloader.path='elasticsearch-aws.jar,elasticsearch-aws.jar!/lib' \ \
    -cp zipkin.jar \

After executing these steps, applications can send spans http://localhost:9411/api/v2/spans (or the legacy endpoint http://localhost:9411/api/v1/spans)

The Zipkin server can be further configured as described in the Zipkin server documentation.


Configuration can be applied either through environment variables or an external Zipkin configuration file. The module includes default configuration that can be used as a reference for users that prefer a file based approach.

Environment Variables
  • ES_HOSTS The http URL is an AWS-hosted elasticsearch installation (e.g. Zipkin will attempt the default AWS credential provider (env variables, system properties, config files, or ec2 profiles) to sign outbound requests to the cluster.

  • ES_AWS_DOMAIN The name of the AWS-hosted elasticsearch domain to use. Supercedes any ES_HOSTS. Triggers the same request signing behavior as with ES_HOSTS, but requires the additional IAM permission to describe the given domain.

  • ES_AWS_REGION An optional override to the default region lookup to search for the domain given in ES_AWS_DOMAIN. Ignored if only ES_HOSTS is present.


Once your storage is enabled, verify it is running:

$ curl -s localhost:9411/health|jq .zipkin.details.ElasticsearchStorage
  "status": "UP"