Reporters and collectors for use in Google Cloud Platform

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Shared libraries that provide Zipkin integration with the Google Cloud Platform. Requires JRE 6 or later.


These components integrate traced applications and servers through Google Cloud services via interfaces defined in Zipkin and zipkin-reporter-java.


The component in an traced application that sends timing data (spans) out of process is called a Sender. Senders are called on interval by an async reporter.

NOTE: Applications can be written in any language, while we currently only have senders in Java, senders in other languages are welcome.

Sender Description
Stackdriver Trace Free cloud service provider


The component in a zipkin server that receives trace data is called a collector. This decodes spans reported by applications and persists them to a configured storage component.

Collector Description


The component in a zipkin server that persists and queries collected data is called StorageComponent. This primarily supports the Zipkin Api and all collector components.

Storage Description
Stackdriver Trace Free cloud service provider

Server integration

In order to integrate with zipkin-server, you need to use properties launcher to load your collector (or sender) alongside the zipkin-server process.

To integrate a module with a Zipkin server, you need to:

  • add a module jar to the loader.path
  • enable the profile associated with that module
  • launch Zipkin with PropertiesLauncher

Each module will also have different minimum variables that need to be set.


$ curl -sSL | bash -s
$ curl -sSL | bash -s stackdriver.jar
$ STORAGE_TYPE=stackdriver STACKDRIVER_PROJECT_ID=zipkin-demo \
    java \
    -Dloader.path='stackdriver.jar,stackdriver.jar!/lib' \ \
    -cp zipkin.jar \

Example integrating Stackdriver Storage

If you cannot use our Docker image, you can still integrate yourself by downloading a couple jars.

Here's an example of integrating Stackdriver storage.

Troubleshooting translation issues

When using a component that sends data to Stackdriver, if you see nothing in the console, try enabling DEBUG logging on the translation component. If using Spring Boot (ex normal app or zipkin server integration), add the following system property:


Note: If using our docker image or anything that uses JAVA_OPTS, you can add this there.

With this in place, you'll see the input and output of translation like below. Keep a copy of this when contacting us on gitter for support.

2018-04-09 13:58:44.112 DEBUG [/] 11325 --- [   XNIO-2 I/O-3] z.t.stackdriver.SpanTranslator           : >> translating zipkin span: {"traceId":"d42316227862f939","parentId":"d42316227862f939","id":"dfbb21f9cf4c52b3","kind":"CLIENT","name":"get","timestamp":1523253523054380,"duration":4536,"localEndpoint":{"serviceName":"frontend","ipv4":""},"tags":{"http.method":"GET","http.path":"/api"}}
2018-04-09 13:58:44.113 DEBUG [/] 11325 --- [   XNIO-2 I/O-3] z.t.stackdriver.SpanTranslator           : << translated to stackdriver span: span_id: 16199746076534411288
name: "get"
start_time {
  seconds: 1523253523
  nanos: 54380000
end_time {
  seconds: 1523253523
  nanos: 58916000
parent_span_id: 15286085897530046777
labels {
  key: "/http/method"
  value: "GET"
labels {
  key: ""
  value: "/api"
labels {
  key: "/component"
  value: "frontend"