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Zipkin Release Process

This repo uses semantic versions with a twist: we update minors on api-breaks until we hit 1.0. Please keep this in mind when choosing version numbers.

  1. Alert others you are releasing

    There should be no commits made to master while the release is in progress (about 10 minutes). Before you start a release, alert others on gitter so that they don't accidentally merge anything. If they do, and the build fails because of that, you'll have to recreate the release tag described below.

  2. Push a git tag

    The tag should be of the format release-N.M.L, ex git tag release-1.18.1; git push origin release-1.18.1.

  3. Wait for Travis CI

    This part is controlled by travis/ It creates a bunch of new commits, bumps the version, publishes artifacts, syncs to Maven Central, and publishes Javaocs to into a versioned subdirectory. (Note: Javaocs are also published on all builds of master; due to versioning, it doesn't overwrite docs built for releases.)

  4. Publish docker-zipkin

    Refer to docker-zipkin/


Credentials of various kind are needed for the release process to work. If you notice something failing due to unauthorized, re-encrypt them using instructions at the bottom of the .travis.yml

Ex You'll see comments like this:

  # Ex. travis encrypt BINTRAY_USER=your_github_account
  - secure: "VeTO...

To re-encrypt, you literally run the commands with relevant values and replace the "secure" key with the output:

$ travis encrypt BINTRAY_USER=adrianmole
Please add the following to your .travis.yml file:

  secure: "mQnECL+dXc5l9wCYl/wUz+AaYFGt/1G31NAZcTLf2RbhKo8mUenc4hZNjHCEv+4ZvfYLd/NoTNMhTCxmtBMz1q4CahPKLWCZLoRD1ExeXwRymJPIhxZUPzx9yHPHc5dmgrSYOCJLJKJmHiOl9/bJi123456="

Troubleshooting invalid credentials

If you receive a '401 unauthorized' failure from jCenter or Bintray, it is likely BINTRAY_USER or BINTRAY_KEY entries are invalid, or possibly the user associated with them does not have rights to upload.

The least destructive test is to try to publish a snapshot manually. By passing the values Travis would use, you can kick off a snapshot from your laptop. This is a good way to validate that your unencrypted credentials are authorized.

Here's an example of a snapshot deploy with specified credentials.

$ BINTRAY_USER=adrianmole BINTRAY_KEY=ed6f20bde9123bbb2312b221 TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST=false TRAVIS_TAG= TRAVIS_BRANCH=master travis/

First release of the year

The license plugin verifies license headers of files include a copyright notice indicating the years a file was affected. This information is taken from git history. There's a once-a-year problem with files that include version numbers (pom.xml). When a release tag is made, it increments version numbers, then commits them to git. On the first release of the year, further commands will fail due to the version increments invalidating the copyright statement. The way to sort this out is the following:

Before you do the first release of the year, move the SNAPSHOT version back and forth from whatever the current is. In-between, re-apply the licenses.

$ ./mvnw versions:set -DnewVersion=1.3.3-SNAPSHOT -DgenerateBackupPoms=false
$ ./mvnw com.mycila:license-maven-plugin:format
$ ./mvnw versions:set -DnewVersion=1.3.2-SNAPSHOT -DgenerateBackupPoms=false
$ git commit -am"Adjusts copyright headers for this year"