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Commits on Jun 6, 2012
  1. @johanoskarsson
  2. @johanoskarsson

    0.1.0 release

    johanoskarsson committed
  3. @johanoskarsson
  4. @johanoskarsson
  5. @johanoskarsson
  6. Add jdk options to travis yml

    Franklin Hu committed
    Author: franklinhu
    Pull Request: #3
    URL: #3
  7. @johanoskarsson

    Add logo and brush up contribute seconds

    johanoskarsson committed
    This adds the brand spankin new logo to the readme. I also added some
    suggestions for areas where we'd like to see contributions.
    Author: johanoskarsson
    Pull Request: #2
    URL: #2
  8. Split zipkin.thrift

    Franklin Hu committed
    * Split zipkin.thrift into:
      * scribe.thrift - Contains the structs and scribe service interface
      * zipkinCore - Core Zipkin structs
      * zipkinCollector - structs and interface for the collector service
      * zipkinQuery - structs and interface for query service
    * Fix relative import
    Author: franklinhu
    Pull Request: #1
    URL: #1
  9. @johanoskarsson

    Initial commit

    johanoskarsson committed
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