Zipkin Benchmarks

This module includes JMH benchmarks for Zipkin.

=== Running the benchmark From the parent directory, run ./mvnw install to build the benchmarks, and the following to run them:

# Run with a single worker thread
$ java -jar benchmarks/target/benchmarks.jar
# Add contention by running with 4 threads
$ java -jar benchmarks/target/benchmarks.jar -t4

=== Updating thrifts Thrift changes are not frequent, but when they occur, please update the generated source.

$ git clone
$ rm -rf src/main/java/com
$ thrift -r --gen java -out src/main/java zipkin-api/thrift/zipkinCore.thrift
$ mvn  com.mycila:license-maven-plugin:format
$ rm -rf zipkin-api