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Scribe Collector Auto-configure Module

This module provides support for running the legacy Scribe collector as a component of Zipkin server. To activate this collector, reference the module jar when running the Zipkin server and configure one or more bootstrap brokers via the SCRIBE_ENABLED=true environment variable or the property zipkin.collector.scribe.enabled=true.

Quick start

JRE 8 is required to run Zipkin server.

Fetch the latest released executable jar for Zipkin server and autoconfigure module jar for the scribe collector. Run Zipkin server with the Scribe collector enabled.

For example:

$ curl -sSL | bash -s
$ curl -sSL | bash -s scribe.jar
    java \
    -Dloader.path='scribe.jar,scribe.jar!/lib' \ \
    -cp zipkin.jar \

After executing these steps, the Zipkin UI will be available http://localhost:9411 or port 9411 of the remote host the Zipkin server was started on. Scribe will be listening on port 9410.

The Zipkin server can be further configured as described in the Zipkin server documentation.

How this works

The Zipkin server executable jar and the autoconfigure module jar for the scribe collector are required. The module jar contains the code for loading and configuring the scribe collector, and any dependencies that are not already packaged in the Zipkin server jar.

Using PropertiesLauncher as the main class runs the Zipkin server executable jar the same as it would be if executed using java -jar zipkin.jar, except it provides the option to load resources from outside the executable jar into the classpath. Those external resources are specified using the loader.path system property. In this case, it is configured to load the scribe collector module jar (zipkin-autoconfigure-collector-scribe-module.jar) and the jar files contained in the lib/ directory within that module jar (zipkin-autoconfigure-collector-scribe-module.jar!/lib).

The spring.profiles=scribe system property causes configuration from zipkin-server-scribe.yml to be loaded.

For more information on how this works, see Spring Boot's documentation on the executable jar format. The section on PropertiesLauncher has more detail on how the external module jar and the libraries it contains are loaded.


The following configuration points apply apply when SCRIBE_ENABLED=true environment variable or the property zipkin.collector.scribe.enabled=true. They can be configured by setting an environment variable or by setting a java system property using the command line argument.

Environment Variable | Property |Description --- | --- | --- | --- COLLECTOR_PORT | zipkin.collector.scribe.port | The port to listen for thrift RPC scribe requests. Defaults to 9410 SCRIBE_CATEGORY | zipkin.collector.scribe.category | Category zipkin spans will be consumed from. Defaults to zipkin