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Merge pull request #1406 from operable/nmohoric/disable-telemetry

Never send telemetry. To re-enable you can just revert this commit
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davejlong committed Oct 6, 2017
2 parents 01cf420 + b162eb7 commit d6916c1b3aeb960ed09e44b61b6ef8fb51034911
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@@ -2,17 +2,11 @@ use Mix.Config
import Cog.Config.Helpers
# ========================================================================
# Cog Telemetry - By default, Cog is configured to send an event to the
# Operable telemetry service every time it starts. This event contains a
# unique ID (based on the SHA256 of the UUID for your operable bundle),
# the Cog version number, and the Elixir mix environment (:prod, :dev, etc)
# that Cog is running under.
# If you would like to opt-out of sending this data, you can set the
# COG_TELEMETRY environment variable to "false".
# Cog Telemetry - This has been turned off for now, as it is no longer
# a running service to send telemetry data to.
# ========================================================================
config :cog, :telemetry, ensure_boolean(System.get_env("COG_TELEMETRY") || true)
config :cog, :telemetry, false
# ========================================================================
# Set this to :unenforcing to globally disable all access rules.

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