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Latest commit 897c6a6 Apr 27, 2016 @Lex-2008 Lex-2008 Updated file for Desktop
* style (replace tabs with spaces)
* hideOPR() function because it's used too often
* PATCH-1207 for Bluejeans changed to suit new site logic

Added patches:
+ PATCH-1218, pretend to be Chrome on
+ PATCH-1212, Remove the top "non supported browser" banner from and
+ PATCH-1217, pretend to be Chrome on Google Spreadsheets
+ PATCH-1213, pretend to be Chrome on Gmail
+ PATCH-1214, Google Hangouts does not work without plugin
+ PATCH-1220, pretend to be Chrome on talkgadget to not force plugin download
+ PATCH-1223, Hide another Chrome ad from main Google page

Removed patches:

- PATCH-1191, Still an "unsupported browser" according to Google
- PATCH-1163, No "More" button in Gmail and misaligned labels
- PATCH-1176, Navigation keys are not working on Google - hide Opera tag from userAgent for all sites except hangouts


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