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danfooo commented Oct 11, 2012

...e are slow


hzr commented Oct 11, 2012

Feels slightly over-engineered to me. Why not just generate the classes in the corresponding template?


p01 commented Oct 11, 2012

I have to agree with @hzr, must be possible to add the corresponding classes in the templates. I do similar things in the templates of the new Resource Service


danfooo commented Oct 11, 2012

In for example, different rows come together from different templates. You'd pass counts between several map functions, and repeat the code that checks even/odd. Even when it's just one template function used with map, sometimes you return [], so you couldn't work with the index that's passed. Okay, I admit that last one might be a theoretical problem.

@p01 if you do a similar thing, doesn't that mean it's useful to do it in one common place instead? I don't think it's expensive either.

Edit: Github kills my link here for some reason, I meant to point to a specific line

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