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<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<widget xmlns="" id="" version="1.12" viewmodes="minimized">
<name>Live news feed</name>
<feature name="opera:speeddial">
<param name="url" value=""/>
<icon src="64.png"/>
<access origin="*"/>
<preference name="feedUrl" value=""/>
<preference name="count" value="5"/>
<preference name="interval" value="7"/>
<preference name="defaultFeed" value=""/>
<preference name="nameCheckbox" value="true"/>
<update-description href=""/>
<license>Copyright 2011 Opera Software. All rights reserved.</license>
<author href="">Opera Software</author>
<description xml:lang="en">Get real time news feeds from BBC, Wired, Engadget and more, right in your speed dial</description>
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