Documentation of the core Opera Unite API and a handful of additional helper libraries. Please note that since April 2012 Opera Unite is no longer being developed or supported.
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Opera Unite utility libraries

Note: since April 2012 development and support for Opera Unite has been discontinued. This includes the Opera Unite functionality inside the Opera desktop browser itself, as well as the Opera Unite servers that provided the public URLs.

The following list contains several Opera Unite utility libraries that we have made available for you to use in your Opera Unite applications. These libraries contain several reusable functions to save you time and make life easier.


This file contains an API for publishing to an activity stream (partly based on The resulting stream will be an Atom feed with an activity extension in the "" namespace, which can be used to programatically analyze the feed.


gettext is a JavaScript implementation of GNU Gettext, providing internationalization support for JavaScript, eg handling .po files.

File I/O API

The File I/O API provides you with functionality needed to access data on the desktop from widgets or Unite Apps.


This library handles the loading of all your application's external library resources, including making sure all dependencies are present, and that the directory structure is ok.


Markuper is a template library that provides an easy way to develop Opera Unite applications using a specific syntax that developers can use to create bindings between JavaScript code and HTML documents.

PSO: Pub-Sub Output

This library provides a simple pub/sub output, which replaces the functionality of opera.postError and allows developers to easily subscribe to the debug outputs they want.


ResourceFetcher is a class for periodically downloading resources from URLs. You can use it to not only download the resources, but also provide reporting on whether the downloads are successful. You can also set parameters such as the time to wait between making each download request, and the time to wait before you assume a download has failed and give a timeout error.

Service Discovery API

The Service discovery API lets you discover services that announce their presence on a network. You can then contact these services and potentially use data from them.

Unite API

This API document describes the JavaScript bindings for the Opera Unite Web Server, available through Opera Unite applications. Opera Unite applications supply Web services served directly from the user's computer.


widgetLocalization derives the user agent's locale using the algorithm found in You can then use the gettext library mentioned above to retrieve and handle the appropriate language files for that locale, if they are available.


The Opera Unite application framework, foundation of Opera Unite applications.