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Yusef Library

The Opera Unite application framework — Yusef — is the foundation of Opera Unite applications bundled with Opera. It eases the development of Opera Unite applications by providing a set of core features such as access control, templating, secure administration and actions, image resizing, caching and more. For more information, you can check out our Yusef: the Unite Server Framework article.

Yusef plugins

This section lists the plugins associated with Yusef.

ACL — Access Control Library

The ACL plugin is available via Yusef.plugins.acl, and provides Opera Unite applications with a customizable access control list.


activityStream is a simple function that loads in an Atom activity stream.


directConnection redirects links from the Opera Unite proxy server to instead create a direct connection between two computers (if possible). The proxy provides the external IP:port combination of an Opera Unite server. Each client pings Home using the direct IP:port link, and the successful ones trigger the use of the directConnection plugin.


graphics is a library of simple graphics functions for performing tasks such as generating preview images, and on-the-fly resizing.


profileSync syncs the user's status (set on the Opera Unite Home Page application) with the profile box appearing in the left hand sidebar of the default UI.


This class is a wrapper around the GetText library to make it easier to use in JavaScript and in strings.


This plugin allows you to provide a common layout to an Opera Unite application - it adds a skin to an application's output. The common layout will always be added when the output of the service request listener is a String and the connection is still open. In order to create an exception to this flow and prevent the plugin from adding a common layout the service will return a String or close the connection.

This plugin also has support for alternative skins - it is possible to create a different skin than the one provided by default. In order to tell the plugin to use a specific skin a call to {@link setSkin} is needed.

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