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About this repository

This repo is the canonical source for Kubernetes Operators that appear on, OpenShift Container Platform and OKD.

Add your Operator

We would love to see your Operator being added to this collection. We currently use automated vetting via continuous integration plus manual review to curate a list of high-quality, well-documented Operators. If you are new to Kubernetes Operators start here.

If you have an existing Operator read our contribution guidelines on how to package and test it. Then submit a Pull Request.

Submitting your PR

Review this checklist upon creating a PR and after you acknowledged the contribution guidelines.

Update your Operator

Similarly, to update your operator you need to submit a PR with any changes to your Operator resources. Refere to our contribution guide for more details.

Test your Operator

Upon creating a pull request against this repo, a set of CI pipelines will run, see more details here.

You can help speed up the review of your PR by testing locally.

Preview your Operator on

If you are submitting your Operator in the upstream-community-operators directory your Operator will appear on You can preview how your Operator would be rendered there by using the preview tool.

Reporting Bugs

Use the issue tracker in this repository to report bugs.

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