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@joelanford joelanford released this Dec 10, 2019 · 56 commits to master since this release



  • Support for vars in top level ansible watches. (#2147)
  • Support for "ansible.operator-sdk/verbosity" annotation on Custom Resources watched by Ansible based operators to override verbosity on an individual resource. (#2102)
  • Support for relative helm chart paths in the Helm operator's watches.yaml file. (#2287)
  • New operator-sdk generate crds subcommand, which generates CRDs from Go types. (#2276)
  • Go API code can now be annotated to populate a CSV's spec.customresourcedefinitions.owned field on invoking olm-catalog gen-csv. (#1162)


  • Upgrade minimal Ansible version in the init projects from 2.4 to 2.6. (#2107)
  • Upgrade Kubernetes version from kubernetes-1.15.4 to kubernetes-1.16.2. (#2145)
  • Upgrade Helm version from v2.15.0 to v2.16.1. (#2145)
  • Upgrade controller-runtime version from v0.3.0 to v0.4.0. (#2145)
  • Updated pkg/test/e2eutil.WaitForDeployment() and pkg/test/e2eutil.WaitForOperatorDeployment() to successfully complete waiting when the available replica count is at least (rather than exactly) the minimum replica count required. (#2248)
  • Replace in the Ansible based operators module tests k8s_info for k8s_facts which is deprecated. (#2168)
  • Upgrade the Ansible version from 2.8 to 2.9 on the Ansible based operators image. (#2168)
  • Updated CRD generation for non-Go operators to use valid structural schema. (#2275)
  • Replace Role verb "*" with list of verb strings in generated files so the Role is compatible with OpenShift and Kubernetes. (#2175)
  • Breaking change: An existing CSV's spec.customresourcedefinitions.owned is now always overwritten except for each name, version, and kind on invoking olm-catalog gen-csv when Go API code annotations are present. (#1162)


  • Deprecated the operator-sdk generate openapi command. CRD generation is still supported with operator-sdk generate crds. It is now recommended to use openapi-gen directly for OpenAPI code generation. The generate openapi subcommand will be removed in a future release. (#2276)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed log formatting issue that occurred while loading the configuration for Ansible-based operators. (#2246)
  • Fix issue faced in the Ansible based operators when jmespath queries are used because it was not installed. (#2252)
  • Updates operator-sdk build for go operators to compile the operator binary based on Go's built-in GOARCH detection. This fixes an issue that caused an amd64 binary to be built into non-amd64 base images when using operator-sdk on non-amd64 architectures. (#2268)
  • Fix scorecard behavior such that a CSV file is read correctly when olm-deployed is set to true. (#2274)
  • A CSV config's operator-name field will be used if --operator-name is not set. (#2297)
  • Populates a CSV's spec.install strategy if either name or strategy body are missing with a deployment-type strategy. (#2298)
  • When the current leader pod has been hard evicted but not deleted, another pod is able to delete the evicted pod, triggering garbage collection and allowing leader election to continue. (#2210)
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