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Native Executables

Generating Native Executables for all platforms is major feature for backdoors! Those will be your payloads in Phishing emails and USB drive Parking-Ops after all!

Currently Linux and Windows are directly supported through PyInstaller.

The repo's makefile has options for one-line exe generation. Get the latest repo's makefile script from here.

or just:



For a script name of and executable name of .sshd type the following:

make PY='' EX='.sshd' elf


You will need the whole wine - Python2.7 - PyInstaller toolchain assuming that you are running Linux.

For a script name of and executable name of crazy_taxi_crack_2.34.exe type the following:

make PY='' EX='crazy_taxi_crack_2.34.exe' exe

Several other packers for Python to native dependency-less executables are in the wild. You can try :

  • py2exe
  • nuitka (tends to create executables much smaller than PyInstaller's)

If you've found a configuration that works best for you (like: "I use XYZ with ABC and create super small executables"), please open an Issue in the Github repo and I will add it to the defaults.

Have fun responsibly!