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Releases: operatornormal/classified-ads

0.10 voice call feature, translation additions and bugfixes

10 Apr 18:29
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This release adds single bigger function and that is voice call between nodes. Second new feature is support for URI support now also externally. This means it is possible to reference objects inside classified ads from external sources with URI and have classified ads to handle them. For example operator profile may be referenced with URI caprofile://6AC2D159AB3A0B0F241DD6D12E4A1673588DD0E8 from a html document or other source. In addition to that only minor changes have been implemented, mostly related to translations and networking code. Big thanks for all contributors and translators.

Qt5, translation changes and bugfixes

30 Sep 18:50
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Biggest changes included since previous release:

  • Links against qt5 ; qt4 is still supported
  • Support for embedding images into messages.
  • Networking related bugfixes
  • Translation mechanism is gnu gettext instead of qm files of qt

Graphics packaging changes

12 Apr 16:26
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New release with only change in the way how intermediate PNG files are generated to resource. Same bitmaps can be found already pre-processed from branch "graphics".

Please find win32 and fedora-21-x86_x64 binaries attached below.

Ubuntu users might want to use the PPA system and articulate:
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:operatornormal/classifiedads
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install classified-ads
at time of writing that will give you version 0.03 that is functionally equivalent to latest 0.07 release.

License change GPL->LGPL

05 Mar 15:14
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Minor functional changes and license change.

  • Some bitmaps with possible copyright issues gone.
  • Updated translations to reflect license change.
  • Debian directory is in separate branch in git.

For installable program versions please see release 0.03 at as the functionality actually remains the same, only cosmetics have changed.

New features + bugfixes

25 Feb 20:37
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  • Rpm build fixes for fedora linux
  • Slower connection attempts to unreachable nodes
  • Better file extenstion handling
  • UI tweaks for small vertical screen resolutions, affects at least
    users of some mac models
  • Classifications entered by user now actually work too
  • If no local search avail, still offer network search
  • Possible crash case fix. Still having random crashes inside
    json serialize..
  • Links between documents, still does not work with profile comments
  • Try miniupnpc also in unix build
  • Basic support for trust-tree based on trust lists
  • Translations

Below there's attached binaries for windows, fedora21/amd64 and debian testing/amd64, for ubuntu 14.04 -users the easiest method of getting the binaries is to open a terminal and articulate
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:operatornormal/classifiedads
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install classified-ads
Happy advertising!

Fixes for serious problems

05 Jan 18:08
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In comparison to previous release this fixes serious flaws, most notably

  • Private operator profiles did not work but instead broke every node in network
  • Private message attachments could be read only by sender, not recipient

Additionally some UI-changes and more lesser bugs fixed.

Very initial release

28 Dec 12:40
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Very initial release Pre-release

Here is very first version of classified ads, some functions are here, including:

  • basic connectivity between peer nodes
  • posting and viewing of ads
  • operator data
  • messages between operators
  • public comments regarding operators
  • binary blob attachments in ads, messages and operator-related comments
  • search (local+network)
  • 10000 different kind of sw bugs that have not yet been found

For the Brave, a binary is included for some debian+ubuntu flavours and win32, normal folks should carefully build with "dpkg-buildpackage -r" as is proper.

As a quick fix for this release in win32-build libnatpmp was replaced with libupnp and teredo-addresses are not used.

4-jan-2015: such bugs found in release that all binaries need to be deleted, new release will follow soon.