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For more information regarding classified ads please see web page and FAQ. Classified ads is a messaging system with no central organization providing any services, users provide the services to each others by using the software.

To get latest installable binaries

  • for microsoft windows, see Classified-ads-Win32.exe at builds branch that is a pre-built installer for 0.13 release. Comes with Qt and openssl.
  • For fedora linux 24 and later, just use dnf to install.
  • for Fedora23 x86_64 (Compilation):
    git clone
    cd classified-ads/graphics-highres/
    cd ..
    make install
  • Classified ads is included in ubuntu distribution but often including an old version. Ubuntu users might want to use the PPA system, by opening terminal and typing:
    sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:operatornormal/classifiedads
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install classified-ads
  • There is version of classified ads in gentoo, debian unstable/testing and most recent ubuntu releases. Latest version is always packaged but not all linux distributions accept updated versions if there is no security issue to be fixed.

For tracking the most latest development in linux, the file README.TXT at master-branch root contains build instructions - if in trouble, please ask for assistance.

Rumours are that sw has been successfully also built on osx and used also but as regular development team has no fruits at their disposal, exact build instructions need to be entered here by someone who can test the steps. Basically same steps as for rest of the unix-flavours should be good for osx also.

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