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OPERATR: Availability, Deployment, and Configuration.
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OPERATR Availability, Configuration, and Deployment.


OPERATR is on the AWS Container Marketplace for ECS and EKS [instructions], and on Dockerhub for any deployment.

To build your own container see Releases for the most recent JAR. We provide a sample Dockerfile from our Dockerhub builds.

AWS Marketplace deployments are automatically licensed and billed by the hour.

Other deployments require a license. Get a free 30-Day trial license in minutes.

Use operatr-io/local to evaluate OPERATR locally with Docker Compose.

Basics & Configuration


OPERATR is a single docker container that connects to your Kafka cluster with exactly the same configuration as a Kafka Producer or Consumer. If you have connected to you cluster, you know how to configure OPERATR.

Secure & Self-Contained

OPERATR has zero dependencies and stores telemetry locally on disk and in your Kafka Cluster, making OPERATR suitable for secure environments.

Easily Configured

Configured via environment variables, OPERATR provides granular control of many runtime settings. For a description of each and common configuration patterns see our Installation Guide.


We recommend:

  • 2GB container memory
  • 2GB container disk
  • increasing the NOFILE ulimit to 100,000

Our example Dockerfile shows recommended soft/hard limits for the Java process at 70% of the container memory. For smaller clusters you may be able to run with 1GB/1GB memory/disk.

OPERATR is commonly deployed:

  • As a Fargate task in ECS (see: CloudFormation for AWS-Marketplace deployments)

Copyright © OPERATR 2020.

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