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OPERATR: Local Evaluation with Docker Compose.
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OPERATR with Docker Compose

Run OPERATR locally against a Dockerized 3-node Apache Kafka® cluster.

To connect OPERATR (or other streaming services) to Kafka running with docker-compose we need to ensure they are on the same network. OPERATR will run against any Kafka Cluster from v1.0+. This is one example setup:


  1. CLONE this repository.
git clone operatr-local
  1. Get a free, 30-Day trial license.

  2. START a new 3-node containerized Kafka cluster with a network named 'operatr_default'

docker-compose -p operatr up
  1. START OPERATR with the same Docker network and the correct local environment settings.
docker run --network=operatr_default -p 3000:3000 --env-file ./local.env operatr/operatr:latest
  1. VIEW OPERATR on http://localhost:3000. Graphs and data should be populated within 2 minutes.

  2. NOTE The Kafka brokers are accessible on localhost:9092/9093/9094 if you want to configure other services.

Any issues? Just raise a ticket.

Copyright © OPERATR 2020.

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