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docker-compose.pullpreview.yml Update pullpreview memory Oct 20, 2016
docker-compose.yml Use database YAML file instead of env variable Apr 6, 2016
package.json Force npm@4.0.0 due to shrinkwrap bug in 3.0.9 Oct 26, 2016


Build Status Dependency Status Code Climate

OpenProject is a web-based project management software. Its key features are:

Via plugins, it also supports:

More information and screenshots can be found on


If you want to run an instance of OpenProject in production (or for evaluation), refer to our in-depth installation guides.

If you're a developer wanting to set-up a local environment for contributing to OpenProject or developing plugins, you should refer instead to our Quick Start for Developers.

Our developer documentation also includes a reference of configuration options.


OpenProject is supported by its community members, both companies and individuals.

Please find ways to contact us on the OpenProject help page.


OpenProject is driven by an active group of open source enthusiasts: software engineers, project managers, creatives, and consultants. OpenProject is supported by companies as well as individuals. We share the vision to build great open source project collaboration software. The OpenProject Foundation (OPF) will give official guidance to the project and the community and oversees contributions and decisions.


This repository contains several main branches:

  • dev: The main development branch. We try to keep it stable in the sense of all tests are passing, but we don't recommend it for production systems.
  • stable/<version>: Contains the latest stable release for a specific version. We recommend to use this for production use. Example: stable/4.1.

Security / Responsible Disclosure

We take security very seriously at OpenProject. We value any kind of feedback that will keep our community secure. If you happen to come across a security issue we urge you to disclose it to us privately to allow our users and community enough time to upgrade. Security issues will always take precedence over anything else in the pipeline.


OpenProject is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3. See doc/COPYRIGHT.rdoc for details.



Thanks to Vincent Le Moign and his fabulous Minicons icons on

Lato Font

Thanks to Łukasz Dziedzic (aka "tyPoland") for his 'Lato' font.

OpenProject Icon Font

Published and created by the OpenProject Foundation (OPF) under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License with icons from the following sources Minicons Free Vector Icons Pack and User Interface Design framework both by webalys

Creative Commons License

OpenProject Icon Font by the OpenProject Foundation (OPF) is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License and Free for both personal and commercial use. You can copy, adapt, remix, distribute or transmit it.

Under this condition: provide a mention of the "OpenProject Foundation" and a link back to OpenProject