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@AlexGuironnetRTE AlexGuironnetRTE released this 19 Jul 10:43
· 4396 commits to develop since this release


  • Routing ([OC-950] [OC-830]) : New routing mechanism is now fully functionnal, it is possible to define card visiblity per process/state for groups using perimeters, see users documentation :

  • Response card (Smart notification) ([OC-918] [OC-915] [OC-982] [OC-914] [OC-966] [OC-980] [OC-1051] [OC-969] [OC-1071]) : It is now possible for the user to reply on a card if configured, see documentation :

  • Acknowlegment ([OC-922][OC-923][OC-1033]): It is now possible for the user to acknowlege cards with a button on the bottom-right of the card .The feed can also been filtered to show acknowledged or not acknowledged cards. It is as well possible for the user to "unacknowledge" a card previously acknowlegded .This functionnality is activated on a process state basis via the setting of acknowledgementAllowed to true in the config.json of the bundles (example in /src/test/utils/karate/src/test/utils/karate/businessconfig/resources/bundle_api_test/config.json)

  • Logging and monitoring : [OC-1023] New screens to see cards in monitoring/logging views (experimental)

  • Free Message : [OC-928] First implementation of free message (permit the user to send card) , not useable yet

  • API : ([OC-1021] [OC-1022] [OC-1023] [OC-1024]) New endpoint to delete user, entity, group and perimeter

  • UI :

    • [OC-948][OC-1037] Button to hide or display the timeline

    • [OC-949] Filter by publish date in feed when clicking on the clock icon
      NB: When the timeline is not loaded (parameter operatorfabric.feed.timeline.hide set to true ), the time filter of the feed is based on business date.

    • [OC-1038] Incoming cards are signaled as new (little eye icon) in the feed until they’ve been read

    • [OC-1053] For each custom menu entry in the navbar, choose whether to integrate it as an iframe or an external link


  • [OC-999] Minor edits to doc after 1rst git flow release

  • [OC-951] Process and state fields of a card must be mandatory

  • [OC-1004] Add demo cards and template with svg drawing

  • [OC-1005] Clean karate tests

  • [OC-1014] Load configuration files from outside docker in config/docker/docker-compose.yml

  • Configuration of business process :

    • [OC-978] Rename third module to businessconfig module

    • [OC-979] Link bundle with process instead of publisher

    • [OC-1003] Rename processId in processInstanceId

    • [OC-981] Change way of creating card id . The id of the card is now build as process.processInstanceId and not anymore publisherID_process.

  • [OC-1029] possibility to hide some application menus

  • [OC-1036] Refactor configuration loading in front

  • [OC-735] Robustify subscription mechanism and refactoring

  • [OC-1013] @NotNull fields remove form, only need to set required fields in swagger.yml

  • [OC-1030] : upgrade back to last version of librairies (SpringBoot,..)


    The version of gradle has been changed, if you want to build operator fabric you need to upgrade gradle to version 6.5.1 (sdk install gradle 6.5.1)

  • [OC-1063] Set java to version 8.0.265-zulu as current is no longer supported by sdkman


    Run sdk install java 8.0.265-zulu then `source ./bin/ ` to update your environment

  • [OC-1046] Refactoring card-consultation mongo access

  • [OC-1045] Remove unnecessary code (ngrx effect )

  • [OC-893] Check all subscribe in angular code

  • [OC-1047] Add a demo with response card in test/utils

  • [OC-1017] Update governance documentation

  • [OC-1057] Explains how to use karate utilities

  • [OC-1041] Trace user actions, only acknowledgment for the moment

  • [OC-new-helpers] 4 new handlebars helpers added


    4 new handlebars helpers added: 'keyValue', 'arrayContains', 'times', 'toBreakage'. You can consult the documentation at the following url to check how to use them:

  • [OC-831] Update getting started documentation with routing mechanism

  • [OC-1065] Remove unused bundles

  • [OC-1067] GET /entities : allow all users for this operation

  • [OC-1068] Simplify backend card notification mechanism

  • [OC-1070] Add new example in defaultBundle


  • [OC-1006] Archives - Bugs in pagination
    Information : Parameters & operatorfabric.archive.filter.publisher in web-ui.json have been removed;

  • [OC-990] Automatic saving of the settings . No need anymore to press enter to save setting changes;

  • [OC-974] Redraw card when switching between day/night modes;

  • [OC-297] Card sent to another group or user is not discarded from the user feed

  • [OC-1011] Access to opfab is not working when the user is member of no group

  • [OC-1010] In PASSWORD authentication mode, afier having refresh UI, the user needs to enter login/pwd again

  • [OC-1035] Docker mode (config/dev) : cards and archivedCards stored in "test" database instead of "operator-fabric"

  • [OC-1012] Missing id in existing bundles cause Businessconfig service to crash

  • [OC-938] In archives, reset button doesn’t really clear selected card

  • [OC-988] In Archives- No result message appears before rendering the real result of a search

  • [OC-997] Fix Angular build warning

  • [OC-941] Card deletion- The API doesn’t return an error when the card deleted doesn’t exist

  • [OC-1052] Cards sent to a user (rather than a group) don’t appear immediately

  • [OC-713] Web-UI configuration: wrong yaml documented key + misspelled key in configuration


    Need to change in web-ui.json the key delagate-url into delegate-url.

  • [OC-934] fix Issue with cards published with client jars (due to Instant). cards-publication service accepts cards from client jar.

  • [OC-1069] Limit line when clicking on timeline