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AnatomyTOOL ( is a platform for open anatomical education, developed in a project of Dutch and Flemish Universities.

It is called a Topic Oriented Open Learning (TOOL) platform. 'Topic Oriented' to highlight that it is intended to serve a specific discipline or domain. In this case it is specifically applied to anatomy, but the platform is usable for all disciplines, after modifying it for the needs of the specific domain. 'Open Learning' underlines that it is intended to support learning, specifically with open educational resources.

The TOOL platform combines a content management system (CMS) and a learning management system (LMS). So it offers both fine grained look-up functionality as learning functionality, such as quizzes and learning paths.

Technically, its base is Drupal (open source CMS, Built on top of that is Opigno (open source LMS, This is further built on to create the TOOL platform, of which the source code is offered here. It is open source and free.

You can create a Topic Oriented Open Learning (TOOL) platform for your own discipline. We cordially welcome other disciplines to do so. The platform is free. However, be aware that you will need to modify it to serve your own discipline. As the source code is open source, this is allowed, but is does require work (=funding) to do so. You can use the source code as offered here and adapt this yourself to your needs, but this requires (highly) specialized expertise. Therefore, if you wish to investigate usage for your own discipline we advise you to contact the project manager of the AnatomyTOOL project for more information: Paul Gobée, Leiden University Medical Center, dept. of Anatomy and Embryology (, or the Dutch Association of Anatomists (Nederlandse Anatomen Vereniging, or the open source software developer company that built the platform: Connect-i ( We will be glad to provide you information and share with you our experiences.


Topic Oriented Open Learning (TOOL) platform, in this case specifically applied to anatomy, but usable for all disciplines.






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