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a proof of concept Serendipity dashboard

branch: master
v.1.05 | 2013-04-27 | Branch master

## Name: serendipity_event_dashboard

* The Serendipity Dashboard [Proof of Concept] for version 1.7.
  PLEASE NOTE: This version 1.x will only work with Serendipity 1.7! S9y-2.0 has its own branch.

* Although running stable enough as is, this plugin is still announced to have testing status, as long as there won't be some more testers and feedback!

* Please test the functions and the general behaviour. Live with it for a while.

* Do not mind the colours. They are customizable via CSS.

* Some minor functions (i.e. help screens) are not ready and still a work in progress!

* The current help screen is my development gazette, noting ideas and fixed issues to this P.o.C.

* This Dashboard-Concept is strictly based to the default Backend as used in /templates/default/admin/* and /templates/bulletproof/admin/*.
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