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Rails 5.0.x Ruby 2.3.1 Postgresql 9.6.x


RescueRails is the public facing website for Operation Paws for Homes, as well as the private system used by the rescue for managing dogs, adopters and staff.

Setup in dev

git clone
cd RescueRails
bundle install

Create database.yml file, and use postgres

rake db:setup
rake db:seed

You're also going to need to setup the auto incrementor in postgresql on the dogs.tracking_id column. Run these commands for both your development and test databases:

psql                                            //launch Postgresql command line
\list                                          //to get a list of your databases if you don't remember
\connect TheNameOfYourDatabase
CREATE SEQUENCE tracking_id_seq START 1;
\q                                              //quit and return to command prompt.

Fire up the app and see what happens. App is setup to run SSL always, might want to use POW as your webserver in dev.

See db/seeds.rb for default admin login info

Running Tests

Tests are run via Headless Chrome, which will require Google Chrome and ChromeDriver.

brew install chromedriver


Submit a volunteer application at if you'd like to be part of the team. Pull Requests from non-team members will still be considered. Work item priority is tracked on Stories in Ready


  • Source code written for this project has been licensed under the Apache 2.0 license
  • 3rd party libraries that may appear are licensed as identified.
  • Logos and images remain copyright of their respective owners.
  • Documents appearing in public\docs remain property of Operation Paws for Homes, Inc. and may not be reused without written permission.