A business card in LaTeX.
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Business Card


How this business card was designed, is explained in this blog post.


It is also possible to use this Docker container:

docker run \
    --rm -it \
    -v `pwd`:/tmp/src accupara/business-cards \
    /bin/bash -c 'cd /tmp/src/src ; xelatex front.tex;'

Building Documents

Build the front and back sides with XeLaTeX:

xelatex src/front.tex
xelatex src/back.tex

SVG Files

LaTeX is not equipped to handle SVG files directly. A conversion to a PDF file is needed. This can be done using an external tool such as Inkscape:

inkscape --without-gui --export-area-drawing --file=logo.svg --export-pdf=logo.pdf


GNU GPLv3. See LICENSE file.

© 2017 Olivier Pieters