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limecv is a document class to typeset curriculum vitæ in (Xe/Lua)LaTeX.

The design of this document class is detailed in a series of blog posts.

Example CV:

limecv offers support for a bio/profile, contact details, language skills, (general) skills, projects, education, experience and references. It also features a custom cover letter design.


The package is available from CTAN, so you should use a package manager to install this package.

After installing this package, make sure you have the following fonts installed:

The following packages need to be installed on your system. They are all available on CTAN: l3kernel, l3packages, listings, pgf, tools, graphics, xkeyval, hyperref, xcolor, cleveref, etoolbox, oberdiek, ifxetex, ifluatex, tools, url, parskip, xstring, fontspec (XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX only), fontawesome, lipsum, zapfding, luaotfload, (LuaLaTeX only) cjk, xecjk, fandol and (final 3 for Asian fonts, not needed for LaTeX) xdvipdfmx


The class documentation can be found on CTAN.

Alternatively, the documentation can also be created by running xelatex limecv.dtx.


To compile the examples in /examples/, install the package from CTAN or compile from source by running: xelatex limecv.ins and copy the resulting limecv.cls file to the /examples/ folder.


LPPL v1.3c See LICENSE file.

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