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limecv is a document class to typeset curriculum vitæ in (Xe/Lua)LaTeX.

The design of this document class is detailed in a series of blog posts.

Example CV:

limecv offers support for a bio/profile, contact details, language skills, (general) skills, projects, education, experience and references. It also features a custom cover letter design.


The package is available from CTAN, so you should use a package manager to install this package.

After installing this package, make sure you have the following fonts installed:

The required packages are all available on CTAN. support/ list all of them.


The class documentation can be found on CTAN.

Alternatively, the documentation can also be created by running xelatex limecv.dtx.


To compile the examples in /examples/, install the package from CTAN or compile from source by running: xelatex limecv.ins and copy the resulting limecv.cls file to the /examples/ folder.


LPPL v1.3c See LICENSE file.

Default profile picture courtesy of Twitter.

© 2017 - 2020 Olivier Pieters