Infrastructure Manager - Maintain a list of your HP ILOs
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About Inframan

Inframan was created as a "hello world" tutorial for Django. Its current features are to maintain a list of HP ILO and display information like serial numbers and health state.

Install Instructions

If you want to help develop inframan. Here are the steps you required to get inframan running on your own development computer:

easy_install python-hpilo
git clone
cd inframan
python syncdb
python runserver

After that, log in to http://localhost:8000 and start browsing

Help us improve inframan

To send us patches to Inframan simply do the following:

  • Commit any changes you make to inframan
git commit -a -m "Something meaningful about what you changes"
cd inframan
git push
  • Open your fork of inframan on and click the "pull request" button