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                      winexe README

Last updated 24 October 2013.


Winexe makes use of Samba version 4.

Winexe can be built such that it is statically linked to Samba
libraries, resulting in an executable that is several megabytes in
size. The winexe binary is still dynamically linked to a number of
shared libraries such as libc.  

On some distributions winexe can be built such that it is linked to
Samba shared libraries, resulting in an executable less than 100
kilobytes in size.

Instructions for Samba static library build

On Debian install dependencies.

    apt-get install \
        gcc-mingw-w64 \
        comerr-dev \
        libpopt-dev \
        libbsd-dev \            
        zlib1g-dev \
        libc6-dev \

On RedHat-like distros including those in the following list, install

    * Fedora 18
    * CentOS 6 with added EPEL repo

    yum install \
        gcc \
        perl \
        mingw-binutils-generic \
        mingw-filesystem-base \
        mingw32-binutils \
        mingw32-cpp \
        mingw32-crt \
        mingw32-filesystem \
        mingw32-gcc \
        mingw32-headers \
        mingw64-binutils \
        mingw64-cpp \
        mingw64-crt \
        mingw64-filesystem \
        mingw64-gcc \
        mingw64-headers \
        libcom_err-devel \
        libacl-devel \
        gnutls-devel \
        openldap-devel \
        popt-devel \
        zlib-devel \
        zlib-static \
        glibc-devel \
        glibc-static \

Important: make sure that libbsd-devel is *not* installed.

    yum remove \

Clone this repo

    git clone
    cd winexe-waf

Obtain the Samba source code.

    git clone git:// samba
On Centos 6, static .a libs are not provided (see
    cd samba
    git reset --hard a6bda1f2bc85779feb9680bc74821da5ccd401c5
    cd ..
    sed -i "s/lib='dl'$/lib='dl gnutls'/" source/wscript_build

Build. The argument of the "samba-dir" option is the path to the samba
source tree that was just obtained. The "configure" step takes a long
time because it builds Samba.

    cd source
    ./waf --samba-dir=../samba configure build


    build/winexe-static --help

The build system tries to find paths to headers and libraries, but you
can also specify these as follows.

    ./waf configure --samba-dir=../samba --samba-inc-dirs=... --samba-lib-dirs=...

Instructions for Samba shared library build

The following instructions are for Debian Wheezy with Samba packages
from unstable (Jessie pre-release), at the time of writing the only
distribution that has packaged Samba 4 with shared libraries.  Even
Jessie does not provide all the shared libraries needed by winexe
as public libraries, but this can be worked around as explained below.

On Debian install dependencies.

    apt-get install \
        python2.7 \
        gcc-mingw-w64 \

From Debian Jessie install dependencies.

    apt-get -t unstable install samba-dev


    cd source
    ./waf configure build


    build/winexe --help

To build the shared-library version while building the static-library
version, use the "--enable-shared" option.

    ./waf configure --samba-dir=../samba --enable-shared

1. Winexe blocked by Windows "simple file sharing" mode

Some versions of Windows operate in so-called "simple file sharing" mode.
In this mode, when an attempt is made to access the system over the
network using credentials that are local to that server or client,
Windows will only provide guest level access.

To fix, you have to set the "Network Access: Sharing and security model
for local accounts" to "Classic – local users authenticate as themselves".
Access it via Start > Run > secpol.msc > Local Policies > Security Options,
and change "Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts"
to "Classic - local users authenticate as themselves".


2. Winexe blocked by Windows Remote User Account Control

The LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy setting affects how administrator
credentials are applied to remotely administer the computer.

To use winexe with a Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine it is
necessary to configure a registry setting as follows.

Click on the Windows "Start" icon, enter "cmd" and then press
CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER. In the console window that subsequently opens, enter
the following command.

  reg add "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system" /v LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f


Written by Andrzej Hajda <>

Contributions were made by:
* Thomas Hood, RAAF Technology bv <>

Please see the COPYING file for the text of the GNU GPL version 3.